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Igbo Names for Boys and Girls

Mrs. Akwaugo Duru
.(Alaike Umunumo)

In most African countries, names usually have meanings attached to something or God. Among the Igbos of Nigeria, God is always associated with the majority of names. The symbol "CHI" is short for Chukwu which means GOD. The names sometimes are too long, and some people tend to shorten them for various reasons. For example, the name Uchechukwu is shortened to Uche. Ikechukwu to simply Ike etc. The meanings of these two names are on the next page. Some names can have two or three meanings depending on the interpretation, and sometimes a name can be used for both male and female. In some cases, a name with the same meaning is spelled and pronounced differently depending on the people's dialect. The names we have here can be used as first or middle name.
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