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Patrick Iroegbu, Ph.D

Igbo Christmas
As a fact that we need to restate, Igbo people of Nigeria and all over the world love Christmas and indeed celebrate it to the best of their cultural heart and soul. Christmas is called .....Click to continue

Introduction to Igbo Medicine
Often folk healing and biomedical approach to health care beliefs and practices comply with a set of professional expectations. In each domain, practitioners undergo .....Click to continue

The Concept of Igbo Kwenu in Igbo Life
IntroductionUmuofia Kwenu, yaa! Kwenu yaa, kwezue nu, yaaaa! wrote Chinua Achebe in 1958 in his novel, Things Fall Apart. In like manner, this cultural heritage is everywhere in Igboland heard as it reverberates when prompted since the Igbo settled in Igboland. As such, we hear in a public gathering or in a village square or community centre, kindred meetings, and so on the cheering up when it is ......Click to continue

A Response to the Umunne and Umunna Question
Not too long ago, I was asked to explain the Igbo concept of umunne (children of the same mother) and umunna (children of the same father) in addition to elucidating why the Igbo are fond of naming or characterizing their associations or community .......Click to read

Igbo Culture of Exposure and Science of Therapy:
A Clue to Managing Challenges of Insanity in Our Today’s Cultural World
After listening to the episodic story of Oluchi and Ikedi – a husband and wife who have been married for 22 years, and who have lived .......Click to continue

Please send scholarly papers for inclusion in the new Kpim Book Series to be titled: click

Marriage of Infested Population, What is this?
Nigerian HIV/AIDS Patients Marry Each Other, Encouraged by Government Program

Kpim Book Series Project Co-ordinator, Father Prof. Pantaleon-Iroegbu Foundation.
Calling for papers - The Kpim of Feminism. Deadline is May 15th, 2009. Click Here for more info!

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